Which screen for 6"3


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Currently have a Zero Gravity db on the bike(has a hole in it from a stone)On our trip last year giving it the beans the buffeting was horrendous under 100mph.Over a ton and it was great(we were in Germany)What have the taller riders got and does it work,it proberbly makes a difference on which lid you wear(Schuberth S2)
Don't seem to be a lot of choice but maybe someone's opinion can sway me to a better screen.
The Sports Tourer does not give full body wind protection. It was never designed to. If you want to hide behind a full screen you will need to be very small or get a fully loaded tourer, not the VFR1200. I'm 6 ft 2in, and have never found a screen that can do this on Sports Tourers, unless you adopt a racer crouch. I've tried all sorts. double Bubbles just move the turbulance higher up my hemet, and make it worse. The split screen is in my opinion, as close as you can get to reducing the buffeting to the head. I have accepted the wind blast to my helmet now, and as long as its relatively smooth air I'm happy. I ultimately settled on an MRA wing on my previous Sports tourer, and made sure I got the split screen option on my new 1200. Just my two pence worth. Maybe someone has found the holy Grail ?