What are these sinister looking things on M6 around Birmingham?


On the left is a camera, obviously. But to the right I did wonder at first if it was a solar panel. But then why have it in the vertical plane and looking up and down the carriageway? I then suspected it was an infrared illuminator and a drive past in the dark and seeing a dull red glow then confirmed this.

I’m guessing they’ve got enough light to see a registration plate, so I’m also guessing it’s to see inside a car.
Facial recognition? Phone use? Any ideas, anyone?

I’ve been meaning to post this for sometime but then I saw this story today in a beacon of journalism know as The Sun


Then Netflix are going to start using AI to detect multiple people signed in on the same account.
Seems things are getting scarily big brother scarily quickly. 29A05537-F49E-4A8D-9AA5-CACDFD0BF61B.jpeg