VFR800fi(2001)Fairing Fixings

Thanks all. Now I know that the well nut rubber bits start out a lot longet than the old ones end up once compressed it all makes more sense! I have ordered 10 stainless well nuts and bolts and will give it a go. Thanks for your assorted advice.
Lastly, is there a reason that there is no RC46 section on the forum?


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Lastly, is there a reason that there is no RC46 section on the forum?
Because RC46 owners reject exclusion, the whole site is ours!;) To be fair though, imagine... If you owned an inferior model, you might want to hide away too?:sofa:

Perhaps, closer to the truth, it's because the forum started at the mid point of Fi production, so much of the content revolved around the RC46, thus the need was felt to introduce sections for older models to narrow down finding technical content. Likewise, the 1200, being very different from the earlier bikes, owners benefit from having a section. The VTEC is largely the same as the Fi, apart from the lack of gear driven cams and the complication of the VTEC system, with styling and a few detail changes. Clearly this has never been widely considered sufficient to divide content. The latest model is essentially a VTEC with styling and suspension changes, etc, which again it seems generally aren't considered to warrant a section. The anomalies are the Crossrunner and Crosstourer sections. They are a VTEC and a 1200 in different clothing but both got a slot... They aren't well used, as you can see, and a good bit of their content, from what I can see, would fit in with the main forum or the 1200F section. Others might disagree, of course, but my concern would be that increasing fragmentation can actually detract from the forum overall, in that some might only visit those model specific sections and, for example, not add the benefit of their experience as widely as they could, gain that of others or miss the opportunity of joining us on ride outs which, for me, are far and away the biggest benefit of being a member. Great routes, great riders, great characters. Every one is a memorable pleasure and I wish I could join them all.
Fitted 'new' panels at the weekend. The well nuts were a bit of a pain although a blob of super glue kept most in place long enough to screw the bolts in. The front end of the sub frame had quite a lot of surface corrosion on so got the worst off and smooth righted those areas - can't be seen behind the plastics anyway.
Just need a front 'nose' section and a mudguard if anyone has one in red?!