VFR800 Vtec 05 Throttle cable routing


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I have taken the throttle cables of to lubricate them. That's all done, but now I have a slight problem.
My Sd card in my phone has gone faulty, and that's where the pics I took were stored.
Would anyone be so kind as to take some pictures for me of the routing down the left side of the bike, and around the forks so that I can work out how to route them correctly.
Or if anyone feels it would be better to write a description, I would also really appreciate that.

Thanks so much.


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Thank you, are these available to view online at all, if not you couldn't photograph the pages and post them on here could you.
Thanks for your help.


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I don't know / Errrr no.

My suggestion is that having been given the guidance you help yourself, do the searches, go buy the manual etc..

I haven't had a VTEC or have any VFR now, but I learned by doing what I suggest.

Manuals used to be available to paid-up members here, but I don't know if that is still the case.

Good luck.


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All done now, cables re installed as per the Workshop manual. If anyone else is wondering about the same. The cables go around the outside of the right fork leg, and then pass back between the two. They then go through a small wire guide near to the brake lines that are bolted to the headstock. They then pass down the inside of the frame through a small gap and to the throttle bodies.
Don't forget to connect the lower end of the cable before bolting the bracket to the throttle bodies.
I used a small length of hose to insert the small bolts in the bracket to avoid dropping them down the side of the engine.