VFR hidden money wallet


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Any one got any good ideas where to hide money on the VFR750FT.

I've removed the original content here as maybe that was not a good idea - DOH! :toilet:
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You could always use a wallet and a pocket like everyone else? :dunno:

Also, just how far do you go on these long haul trips to need to stuff it with dollars?:goofy:


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if i carry a large amounts of notes (not often) :violin:
i stuff them in one of the armour pockets on my
jacket or jeans.
at least its with me at all times.


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near50 said:
if i carry a large amounts of notes (not often) :violin:
i stuff them in one of the armour pockets on my
jacket or jeans.
at least its with me at all times.
Never thought of that. Good tip. Thanks. :beer:
A tenner or so hidden (somewhere?) on the bike for fuel emergencies is not a bad idea. Credit cards don't always work as they're meant to.

Last time I used my C/C it was accompained by a claxon warning siren and a flashing red light! :blush:
veefour said:
Yeah but that's because you were wanted by MI5.
Bang Whallop!!! Goes my covert-status! :dunce:

The Royal Bank of Scotland want a word also... :gossip: :h

But then It is one of my ambition's to die in debt. So far so good... :}
You have a bike AND large amounts of cash ???

Last large wad I saw, was for paying for my VFR last year, I was walking round the ferry/train and Peterborough with ?2,500 stuffed in me pockets.

I am sure a few of the women who walked past me, thought I was pleased to see them.

Apart from an emergency ?20 pound note stuffed in the tool bag, I think I would prefer to keep my fortune on me rather than the bike.


PS But if you really are desperate how about inside your tyres, or sealed in a small petrol proof bag inside the tank.

PPS Like Sort it Oot Man, I also go by the immortal line in a Jack the Lad (Ex Lindisfarne members) song:

"I have taken out insurance in the form of being poor" !!!


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Was there not a bike program on the telly some time back ... Where the chap had something of the same delmer ... Think he rolled it up in a small plastic bag and with a bit of string pushed up the handle bar and then put back the end weight ...

Mister Jon

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If it's a VTEC you could block off the nearside exhaust silencer and put it in there.

This is where I hide all my pocket money, dirty mags, sweeties, fags and stuff. My mummy will never think to look there.


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i use somethig called a "pacsafe". it goes over your head and is a bit like a holster. it has enclosed steel wire so cannot be cut off you by scumbags.after my mate lost his bum -bag containg his life i dont put valuables in mine any more.
i always take a large wad on trips and have had to bail out the other guys on a few occations.it feels compfy and safe.

we bought them on-line.