tyre insurance


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been looking at some websites for tyre prices and noticed the offer a £4 tyre insurance (against puncture, deflation, ...)
Has anyone bought one or looked into this? Sounds like a good idea:)


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That’s been going around and around for a while now....

(Where’s the sofa when you need it)


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Yes, I received a circular about this a while back.

It’s here... :couch:


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Um-mm, I seem to remember a couple of tyre companies doing this a few years back, (This was when having replacement tyres fitted to my car)
I think at the time I sussed out the insurance only covered puncture repairs that could actually be repaired,---- If the tyre was damaged in any area or in any way that rendered that the repair couldn't be classed as A PUNCTURE REPAIR, the insurance was then void,:thinking:

As I said, this was all a few years ago now, so there's a bit of brain searching going on here, and more than likely things could well have changed in those passing years, But the above is as I remember it from then :nusenuse: