Things I love about bikers.


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Seen that a few times on faceache and can’t help but think it’s a set up.

Why would anyone be filming a crossing from up a tower block?

Once the bikes stop, there’s absolutely no need to get off the bike as there’s no traffic coming the other way.

And the person looked perfectly capable of crossing on their own. If that were me, I’d have told him: “on your bike, son - I’ll be reet”.

But maybe that’s because I’m a miserable git.

[insert smiley emoji here]

Stephen Drake

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I thought it was nice to see Knights of the road but can see why people may consider it's made up , there is a longer version showing a few cars passing and not stopping on both sides and one right in front of these bikers. Why would anyone be filming outside there window? How many clips are caught on phones these days with no reason to be filming there at that time, but they do. Yes cynicism can be helpful and of course there is still that flag on the moon to sort out!


a right waste of space
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I love it when other bikers gesture for you to pull onto the hard shoulder after you’ve flashed them for nearly colliding with your bike as they undertake you and then are completely taken by surprise when you actually do pull over and are not best pleased that they did it :meparto: