Test Riding One of These Tomorrow


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You’ll love it Tony. Just be aware of residuals and prepare for the worst when you come to change it.

I must admit I’d buy one in a heart beat if I didn’t like my current bike so much.
I ride with the baffle fitted and like that it is not really any louder than the standard can (but a shit load nicer to look at). Like many cans these days the bolt for the baffle had a dab of weld on it but that was easy to break (though access required an allen key to be cut down). It does make more noise with the baffle removed but as long as the cat remains it's not too excessive, but too much for me on a touring bike.

by jeznewsome, on Flickr

I hope that helps

k5 dave

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Negotiating trade in details now, but only if he managed to overcome Dave's problem:coti:
Just for those that don't know what Mitko [MGBG] is on about, as some of you know, I am a poison dwarf, :pancarta: and because of this defect, I am afraid the KTM 1290, is just too tall for me, tip toes does not fill you with much confidence. Seat height 835mm. But I love the look of the bike. :)