Speedy here..Been a Long time..any of the Old OLD members still here?


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Hi all,

Hope you had a great Christmas. Its been quite some years since I've made an appearance but I need something to encourage me to get out on my bike in 2019 and I'm hoping the club can still do it. It used to be a brother/sisterhood with regular rideouts and that's what I need.

So...are there still some old faces about who I'd know from rideouts and might know me.. who still have their bikes (so many have sold them)? :)

Say hello below :)



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Hiya Tom,

Yes it has been some time and not so sure you'd remember me. I'm still lurking but working most of the time and haven't been out properly for a few years myself.

Hope you are keeping well and you never know a ride out isn't impossible



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Welcome back Tom.
Yes there is still a few of us left. Not many on Viffa's though . What you riding now?
Keep an eye out in the Ride out and Meet section.


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Hiya Tom
Hopefully if I pull my finger out, I’ll put a 2019 rideout planner together, if that’ll help.
Won’t be for a couple of weeks as I’ll be away from me desktop, and it’s a bit fiddly to do on the phone.

Welcome home :thumbsup:


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Hi Tom, long time no see. I hope Tan and yourself are well. How are the folks?

Still around and still riding though the Viffer was replaced. Venture your way occasionally though usually ride into Wales. Maybe the Cotswolds weekday evening meet-ups could be reignited this summer? Have been attending a few of the Cotswolds Biker Nights over the last couple of years, maybe we could start at one of those and see who turns up?


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Hey great to see some of the old names..must remember next time to be more careful with my requests!! :asz::asz::jump:

..But seriously its cool you lot are still about.

Chas, yeah a Cotswold rideout would be good although the big cotswold ones they do fall on a drill night (weds) so I cant make them which is a real shame. The folks are out on their bikes for them though if you fancy some company :)

Oh! and Tan and I have gone our separate ways but I have another lady on the back these days..as and when we get out.

Still got Mary Lou the V-tec I got from Alan Sharkey, looking a bit more worn though due to being under a bike cover the last 3 years ..needs a new seat cover and some TLC.

Brian where you living these days then? Last I remember you were overseas.


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Oh! and Tan and I have gone our separate ways but I have another lady on the back these days..as and when we get out.
Sorry to hear that but also get it, people change. Going through the divorce mill myself at the moment after some 25 years. Also have a new lady, got to get on with things at my age, met on match.com last June and all good. She loves going on the back of the bike and even has a full bike licence herself. Would be good to meet up one evening once the weather improves, generally a seasonal rider these days.

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Hi Tom - still hanging on in here fairly regularly...... Nursing the VTEC into old age (hers, not mine .....necessarily.....). A lot less mileage since I got a proper job 5 years ago, but a Cotswold ride is always v tempting - seem to recall I managed one Ford outing many many years years ago.....! Hope to see you soon, cheers AA :beer-toast1:
Hi Tom
Long time no see, hope all is well in Burford.
Send my kind regards to your Mum and Dad.
I’m now in Eastbourne living with the very lovely Crystaltips. Hope we can all catch up in the summer.


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Hi Tom.

Not sure who I am most days, so you've got no chance mate.

Welcome back though and I'm with you re doing a ride out or two. (I didn't do any with this mob- last year)

Oh, and a Happy New Year to all of you.