Speed cameras....email from Diane..(I've never met her)


Just to make you all aware I received this email yesterday:

All cameras on M1 and M25 go live midnight 9th January 2019 and are set at 72 mph.

Auto ticket generating system.

Watch your speed and tell everyone else to.



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I have seen that mentioned on Facebook load of bollocks I reckon
I agree, propaganda/spin/viral bollox. The paperwork would overwhelm the system with such a low limit. Will maintain my 'limit plus 10%' philosophy for areas known for being festooned with cameras and general common sense elsewhere. Obviously where there's a posted variable limit just a notch over if it's clear to do so, I believe that in these instances the tolerance is lower though plenty seem to still get away with going through with a wider margin.

Of course I so rarely use the mentioned stretches of the motorway network that if it is true NIPs will be landing on doormats long before I venture onto them :rolleyes::)
The email was sent to all at work. (500)
If anyone fancies testing it, let me know the outcome.

Perhaps if Diane Abbott has a car registered to her, we could clone the reg?

The two yellow cameras to the nearside of the gantry, I've seen go off on a truck in front of me and I thought we were doing about the same speed. And I was sure I wasn't speeding.

So their thresholds may be a bit slimmer?


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In Scotlandshire yes, but in England and Waleshire things changed in 2017. It’s now 50; 60; 60
On the subject of speed I had to motor down to Thame yesterday.
Google forecast 2 hours in advance of me going.
I drove down in the low 50s being as mean with the taps as I could because I was doing a fuel economy test and got there in 2:03.

New theory, there is a mean speed to the traffic and it’s inefficient to try to beat it as by going faster I’m just ensuring I’ll have a stop further down the road. Bit like boom and bust. And it’s a lot less stressful.
I agree about the stress Rawhide. My van had a 62mph limiter fitted by a previous owner and I thought I'd remove it as soon as possible. It's so stress free travelling at a maximum of 62mph I decided to keep the limiter. Journey times seem to remain the same.


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I only use my Impreza for short cobweb clearing blasts now. It's awful for economy driving slowly!! Uses just as much blasting about so why not.

For economy, I use the VFR, and that's no angel...