So why would ya tell the world bout using a mobile at the wheel?


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It's mindblowing isn't it, & there we were a while ago discussing the lack of driver concentration:BangHead: :BangHead:
And they call it clever (someone did this to Facebook for the Joshua v Klitschko fight and Sky's lawyers sent him a bill for £750,000)

And the Sun have run stories about peeps using a lap top on the M25
And a delivery driver streaming porn, in lane 2 obviously, that’s where all the wankers hang out.

But worryingly the paper in its lack of editorial consistency kind of endorses a notion, 'well it’s alright if you ain’t moving'
...a dangerous and irresponsible message to be sending if you ask me...


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The "using a mobile at the wheel" offence only applies to "hand-held" mobiles, so if it was in a cradle on the dash it would not have been illegal under that particular statute. Could still be considered a violation of something else, but that would require additional evidence. Still, a bizarre story for a "newspaper", isn't it?



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I think I’ve suggested before you try some different daily RH......better for your blood pressure if there are fewer stories about the window lickers.....;):) Cheers AA :beer-toast1:

(btw - would you believe I’m seeing Old Rat himself AND remembered the delivery you sent via me 2(?) years ago....! Brilliant! )


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I just read the story, nowt wrong with wanting to see n*wc*stl* thrashed by West Ham.