Saying Hi :)


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I've been a member of this forum for a while now due to owning a VFR800Fi previously but when I bought my CT, I joined the CT forum, but it doesn't seem a nice place to be to me (JMO) so I'm back :}

I bought a 2013 Crosstourer from Cresent Honda in Southampton in August and have done over 4k miles on it since buying it. The bike has now done just over 6000 miles and it has never faulted.

I had a KTM 990 SMT previously and it broke down every 4000 miles. Almost predictably lol.

If the CT had KTM suspension, and foot pegs that didn't get in the way and a louder bark (I have an Akrapovic end can fitted), it would be the best bike I've ever owned. But even though it hasn't, it is certainly right up there with the best bikes I've ever owned. The torque is unreal, the fuel economy is unbelievable for a 1200 and the multi-purposeness (a new word I have just invented) of this bike is something other bike manufacturers should take on board. Its a fantastic bike.

So HELLO :beer: and hopefully I'll be here a little more often now.