Sat nav - which yoke mount?

Hi all.
I'm struggling to get the search to work on my phone so apologise if this has been asked before.

I need to order up a yoke mount for my TomTom 410 premium arriving Monday.

From the little I've seen I think I have 2 options, the ram offering, or the telferiser option.

Would be grateful or people's opinions or experiences?

Many thanks


lee j

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I use the Telferizer centre mount ball with the short Ram arm to position the GPS unit. Keeps it central and easy to see plus does not interfere with screen or switches.


lee j

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Do not have any problems with the Telferizer regarding staying in place, depends how tight you do it up in the first place as will settle a little with use. Do not use a tank bag so the short Ram arm (3") is long enough but depending on the height of the tank bag then Ram also do a long arm (5") which should be enough to clear the tank bag but not to obscure the dash.



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I can't comment on the Telferizer as I've not used one, but they get loads of positive feedback. The RAM mount gives some offset, which could be useful or could be a hindrance, depending on the bike? But I would avoid Ultimate Addons and stuff from BuyBits as, from my experience, their 1" balls are harder and more slippery than genuine RAM ones. If using the 5" RAM arm, it tends to flop around on these inferior products no matter how hard you tighten it. The high pressure on the other end also leaves great dents in a genuine RAM ball, such as one on a sat nav mounting plate.