Sat Nav position.


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I've been looking at a new Vfr1200 but today have had a demo on a Crosstourer. Very impressed and been offered a fantastic PX and deal.
If I go ahead I will want to fit my autocomm and mount my Sat Nav. The obvious position for the Nav appears to be right in the middle of the handlebars. Is this the default position for owners ? If not where else have you put it ? You help is appreciated.




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Thanks for the pictures. I've done the deal so now looking to sort autocom and sat nav. Both will be fitted by the dealer once I Have the necessary part for the nav.


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There are several mounts made for the CT. I use a migsel but it isn't as solid as I would puts the sat-nav directly above the clocks and behind the screen so I hardly have to take my eyes off the road ahead to take a peek

go on for more info :beer:


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I use one of these. Very well made and places device in eyeline, above clocks.

Unless you speak German, you'll need Google Translate to navigate the site, but it's worth the effort. Takes about 4 days to arrive.