Routes for the Annie - Rutland Water - Melton Mowbray...


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On Saturday of the Annie, I'd like to plan a ride-out up around Rutland Water and Melton Mowbray. I was up there at the weekend and there were loads of nice roads (and load of bikes!) but I don't know the area that well and would be grateful for any local member's assistance.

On Friday, As there are lots of noobs to the area :), I'll most likely take them for a blast over the Haverhill / Steeple bumpstead area that I already know well.

I'll post that route in the next day or two, thanks in advance for any help.


Beaky Farkler

If you follow the A606 west from the A1 you get Rutland water, bypass around Oakham (but the centre is well worth a visit - especially if you ever built the Airfix signal box as a kid he said in his best James May voice), Melton Mowbray then the A6006 continues on to Zouch (pronounced Zock) and on to Donnington Park if you want to go that far.

In 2003 a big group of us returned from Macclesfield AGRO #1 heading East on that route and it's been a firm favourite with me ever since. I even take the car that way when I go back to Brum to see my folks. It's twisty enough for me to make the dogs car sick :d: