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I've been reading about a large number of burglaries and other incidents in my neighborhood (NextDoor), and I'm now thinking seriously about getting one of these. Maybe the spotlight cam for the back of the house later, too. I can install it myself and I've checked that the wifi signal at the front door seems strong (apparently a requirement for streaming with these devices). There is a £2.50/mo. charge to get full functionality from it, but that's optional. I'll probably try it and see if I want to pay for that functionality. I'm curious how I can use multiple cameras together, as well as remotely monitor things at the house.

Oh, and the doorbell thing might be useful as well...



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There are various bundles of door bell/camera/ flood light cameras. The kit has a good reputation but it is mightily expensive. Jonny Tealeaf will, of course, not be smart enough to cut your incoming cable to incapacitate the system. A GPRS system might be a way around it. If you do go for the internet option do fit a faux data aerial in view.
Johnny tea leaf just won’t give a fluck and will rob ya anyway.
Why don’t you move to a better neighbourhood? Oh! There isn’t one. Whole country’s gone to the dogs..
I wouldn’t say don’t install cctv but the fact is that unless you can identify the perp you’ll be left with simply being a voyeur to your own victim hood.

I’ve been looking at the doorbells too just recently. It seems an important function is IFTT capability.
There are reviews of these things but from reading through the customer reviews they all seem to have moments of unreliability.

This is what I was reading



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This caught my attention as a possible future buy, but the negative reviews on Amazon are damning. Go see the one star ratings - WiFi dropout, broken pushbuttons, slow response, brief recording time, transformer and power supply problems. poor camera recording resolution, etc..

Sounds like early adopters are paying for the development process.

Thanks, Steve (and Colin). This is essentially why I posted here, rather than just went ahead and bought the thing. I may have to do some more thinking about this...




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About 18 months ago we were drinking with son (Matt) in our local when his phone went off, he checked and was able to see a pair of scrotes turning his place over in Leeds.

He phoned the Leeds police and they actually went straight round to his house, missing the thieves by minutes.... (he was also able to see this on his phone)

The police did catch up with them later and they were subsequently charged.

A shit way to end a great weekend. A shit state to find his house in.... But great that he was able to get the police in so quickly.... (police that actually wanted to deal with a crime....)

Overall verdict: it's gonna be shit if you do see some perps helping themselves, but that's gotta be better than coming home to a complete shock..... And it also helps the police to take action....... If they are allowed to.....


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Okay, thanks, all. The Ring--and every alternative seems to have its share of detractors and bad reviews! Maybe I don't need a new doorbell, but the non-doorbell units don't seem to work much better. Looks like I've saved £200!