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Thanks, it’s not bad at all for 30 years old, it’s never missed an mot, 57000 miles on the clock, bought it off a 75 year old ex engineer for £800, rides as good as it looks, it’s not immaculate but it’s clean, oil tight, no coolent leaks, no rust, a few marks here and there but wearing it’s age well. Has obviously been very well maintained and had most things sorted, stainless full exhaust, wheels powder coated, brakes were overhauled and fork seal done. It’s been used, loved and looked after, engine sounds brilliant and as good as when it was a young pup. Loving it and will be it’s custodian and mechanic until I pop my clogs, at 54 hopefully that’s a while. What a spares like for these bikes.


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Always fancied one of them and that one looks very tidy :cool:

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