Non VFR- loading my new SSD with win 10


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Right, I've bitten the bullet and bought a 256 Gb SSD and would like to make it my new operating disk and load it with Windows 10.

I'm thinking of:
initialising it (however that's done... 'Disk management'?)
then, using my present C drive (Win7), getting access to t'internet and downloading Windows 10- while pointing it at the new drive. (But not sure if this is feasible)

Alternatively, I could load the SSD with Win 7 (I have the disk) then using said t'internet, upgrade to Windows 10.

Your views please?

Any help would be appreciated.... (simple terms that an ancient duffer could understand would also be appreciated)

I'm off to do a wedding now (gulp) so may not be able to respond for the rest of today...

Thanks again,

50th VFR

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You can do a simple clone to the SSD and get a free Win10 upgrade from Bill Gates by claiming you use large text.


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Thanks guys, I'll get stuck in on your suggestions once I've sorted the wedding pics out. (Only 688 images to get down to about 40... Even I should be able to make 40 good pictures from that many... Probably.)

I'll let you know how the SSD/ Win 10 download goes....

Thanks again, it's really appreciated.



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Er, every time I try to load windows 10 (or Win 7 come to that) to my SSD it fails due to not being able to find the drivers, yet when I try to download the drivers in 'device manager'- it says that the latest drivers are already loaded...



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Well, it looks like I need to migrate/ copy my present drive to the SSD and then upgrade using the Windows 10 key that you suggested Pete.

The Win 10 key works brilliantly but, as I said, doesn't recognise my SSD drivers.

I looked a bit more closely at the bumph for the Sandisk SSD plus 240Gb device and it says that I need to migrate/ copy the present system on to it directly... (not sure if I believe that but I may just go with it)

Incidentally, I did load the Win 10 'start up exe' to the SSD, then point the boot up at it and, after going through the procedures it eventually fails at the 'driver' issue.

I can copy files to the SSD....

Think I'll have a cuppa, 'migrate' to the garage and download some hardware to a few locations on my Venom.

Now 'that', I can comprehend...

PS any suggestions for migration/ cloning software please?


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Latest update: Having failed at loading Win 10 to the clean SSD, I cloned my old C drive (safely disconnected) to the SSD, then ran the saved Win 10 ISO from my DVD drive.... Which failed to load Win 10 10 times or so- with the following message-
Failed during ‘safe_os’ phase
With error during ‘apply image’ operation

I've not been able to make much sense when I looked the code up on t'internet, but it seems to be a not uncommon failing when using the Windows executable files/ ISO files.

I think I might clean everything off the SSD and try again.... someday soon.....

I managed to load Win 10 in my mates PC, no trouble at all, last week...

I migrated myself into the garage earlier to download some hardware to the appropriate Venom locations , 'cept I kept getting 'interruptions' to my program.

Still, it'll be a few weeks till I start trying to boot that thing up....


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OK, maybe this should be linked to my previous 'am I losing it' thread.....

About 3 feckin days trying to sort my friggin PC: getting it to download Win 10.... Utter feckin failure.

Decided to leave it for now and settle back with my pretty slow HDD running Win 7..... So far so good.

Carried on with all my wedding photos from last weekend.... All nicely modded, copied and backed up.

Now this is a bit technical so apologies for any confusion that I may cause...

I then decided to copy and paste the 500 ish images to a flash drive... Result: about 80% corrupted.
After much frigging I eventually found that I could copy and paste about 10 (15Meg) files at a time, without too much corruption...
Now that's taking me a lot of time and I find myself getting a tad frustrated (you may have picked up on that)

I've never had a problem pasting stuff before (well, if we don't mention ceiling papering) so please- can any of you offer any suggestions as to what the feckin hell has happened to my P feckin C.

Yes, I know, I should take it to the nice man in the next village who will fix it for, probably, £95 but I feel sure that one of you very helpful people will be able to suggest something blindingly obvious.


Sorry to be such a pain but I've been going round in circles so long that my brain has boiled....

Oh. And I hope you don't mind if I have just one more FECKIN, FECKIN, FECKIN...... (OK three, but it does make me feel a bit better)


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Not quite what I was hoping for......

I'm kinda quite desperate here...

Wedding images, deadlines and such.

(Sorry... My humour has taken a beating)


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Hi cg

This is just a guess,but i suspect. 1 your hdd is close to being full or your computer memory is getting screwed ? . Showing all the symptoms of not enough working free space . Have you got rid of system restore points lately ? they can stack up on you ?
Be brutal do a disk clean up etc then see how things are


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Thank Pete but the 250Gb HDD has 97.2 Gb free, Disk clean up cleared 119Mb (I do it regularly), waste bin 6 images in it (now cleaned) and I ran 'Mem Chk' (remember that eh?) no probs. Oh, and a did a system scan with McAfee, which showed no faults.

I've now moved over to the new SSD (which I cloned a couple of days ago) and, once I can point it at my photo drive, I'll see if that might improve things.

As I mentioned, I've got all Saturday's wedding images sitting on two seperate disks (duplicated on each) and the original still on the camera (it'd be a lot of work if I had to re-do them from the camera though)- and I can't copy them on to owt.

I'm wondering if the two new memory sticks might be faulty, plus my old one.... (Bit unlikely that they would all be fecked mind)

Thanks though mate, and you Nelix.


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Can I ask how old your machine is? I wouldn't expect 2 new usb sticks to be faulty like you mention. How many usb ports do you have and have you tried putting the sticks into other ones?

Can you post your specs as well? If you are not sure I can guide you through that.

All the best,

Did you buy your memory cards from a reputable source and are they a good well known brand. Its better to go for high speed types to reduce risk of corruption. There are a lot of really good fakes out there but there are ways to check.


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Yeah Alex, it is getting on a bit, but it's still fairly adequate- ish. (see snip below).
I've got a 250Gb 'C' drive (operating system), a 1 Tb HDD just for photos, along with onother HDD which is only connected when I want to back up the 'photo' HDD.

The disks, which I purchased off eBay, are advertised as Sandisk 8Gb flash drives- and both have now proved to be faulty.

I managed to locate a 16Gb Sandisk Cruzer blade which accepted all 466 files in one go- as you would expect.
(I also did similar with another stick...)

So I'll need to be having a talk with Mr. Vendor. Grrrr.

Regards my OP: today I formatted the new SSD, loaded win 7 and tried using the Win 10 downloaded ISO to load Win 10 (3 times)... No joy.
Still getting the same fail message:
Failed during ‘safe_os’ phase
With error during ‘apply image’ operation

This seems to be a well known problem but the recommended 'fixes' are all vague and varied.... But they mostly point to a problems with the downloaded ISO.... and Microsoft.
The only difference now is that it failed on a clean load of Windows 7 rather than a cloned version of my 'C' drive.

Looks like I'm going to have to stick with Win 7 for the forseeable future.

Thanks for all your help.

PS. Did anyone notice that I never used the words Fecking or Frigging today.... The pills are obviously working.
PPS. I've just had a thought (I can hear you all chorusing "about time") but is it possible that the problem might lie with my ASUS P5KPL-AM Mo-Bo SATA drives not being compatible with the Memory sticks? (I thought they were all backwards compatible)


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Dunno Dave. It all seems a bit head banging. Just one question, more to eliminate the obvious than anything... You are working with a 32 bit W.10 and not a 64bit aren’t you?


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Glad you got to the bottom of the usb issue! Looking at the sellers note at the bottom it would seem they have these issues regularly.
Ive always used sandisk and never had any issues with any of their sticks. Even had a phillips usb stick and that crapped out on me. Never again.

Wow that processor is old! Like 12 years old! How is your user experience on win 7 at the moment?

I have some reccomendations that might help;

Keep win 7 and don't worry about win10. Your computer may likely grind to a hault just trying to do the most basic things in win 10 anyways. I know that might not be what you want to hear but looking at ASUS's website, your MOBO is not supported for windows 10's recent release.

That being said, I would really reccomend upgrading your pc to something that is alot more stable and powerful, especially if you are going to be doing time sensitive work like wedding photography and the like. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and heartache.

Doesn't have to break then bank but even a jump to a gen 2/3/4 i3/i5 machine would be like night and day. Plus they have semi-decent built in graphics processors which should make your photo editing a lot smoother.

Something like this for example i5 Dell PC

If you are going to keep this pc for a bit longer then ditch McAfee. Its a pile of junk and a resource hog. I'd reccomend either Bitdefender free or Avast free Antivirus.

I'd also complement that with malwarebytes as a as and when scanner. This is my go to whenever I start looking at anyones computer for issues and gets rid of any stubbourn nasties.

I personally use avast and malwarebytes on my machine along with ublock origin in firefox and its a strong set of defenses.

If you have any questions or you want to chat about upgrades and such just fire away!

Hope this helps out,



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Dunno Dave. It all seems a bit head banging. Just one question, more to eliminate the obvious than anything... You are working with a 32 bit W.10 and not a 64bit aren’t you?
I believe so Paul, but can't find owt to confirm that... (Not sure I'm going to bother with Win 10 with my present system, following Alex's comments)

Thanks for all your info Alex- most helpful mate.
I'll definitely follow up on your suggestions....
I've been running two screens for years (well I was till one stopped working a month ago) so would one of those small form factor jobbies support that?

I'm wondering if it might be worth building up from a micro ATX 'Mo-bo bundle', with an i5 (jeez, I just looked up the i5 variations on wikipedia.... ouch) so that I can take advantage of the amazingly low price of RAM....

I would like to keep the price within the £150.00 ish mark (I know... it's laughable ennit?)

I have only just replaced Kaspersky (which I have been fairly happy with for years, but which has become a bit 'Norton-ish' in its determination to prevent you doing anything) with McAfee Internet Security (which I can see limitations on already) so I might well look at something better. (as suggested)

The one redeeming feature of this recent adventure into 'my PC world' is that I am now running everything from the recently (earlier today) 'cloned' SSD and, instead of the previous 3 minutes start up / 3 minutes shut off times- it's 1 minute start up / 25 seconds shut off

Thanks again folks.

P.S. you may live to regret the offer to 'chat about upgrades' Alex.