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Evening one and all!

Brand new on the site as you can see, and I have a question.

I'm moving on from my 2004 Boxer Cup Replica and I've set my heart on a late model (2015), low mileage vfr1200f.
I've never in all my bike buying years done this, but I'm tending towards buying from one of two dealers on spec via the internet.
This is because I live in the wilds of Suffolk, and getting anywhere from here by train to view and fetch a bike is nightmarish to say the least.
I know that there is an element of risk here, but both dealers have offered 3 months warranty, proof of full Honda service history and have offered to do a high res video walk round of the bike before I commit to buying.

The dealers are Miles Kingsport in Hull (Honda dealership) and Motorbiking in Bournemouth.

I wonder if anyone has any experience with either of these two companies.

I'd be grateful for any words of wisdom here.

Thanks very much,



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cannot help you with your question but I bought my present bike (1997 FV) from MCN classifieds online from a private seller as we were moving house to a different part of the country and the seller sent me good photo's and video and delivered it the evening we moved to our present house and it was as promised so hopefully it will work out for you as well

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I bought my used VFR1200F from Miles Kingsport over 6 years ago with 5k miles on the clock. They gave me a very good trade in on a BMW K1200 and even fitted a centre stand off another bike at no extra charge. Took the bike back to sort an issue with the heated grips with no quibbles, no problems since. Can"t really recommend them regarding your potential purchase as would need to know more about the bike. There's no substitute to seeing it in the flesh.


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Welcome to the site. You should have no problems I bought my other bike from Hunts in Manchester nearly 350 miles away. I would say you probably have a far better and live closer to a rail link than I. Don’t let the distance put you off you can also ask if they deliver.


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I personally WOULD NOT take the gamble, but there again, when it comes to parting with money to someone I don't know, then I'm a cynical old git,

If its the region where you live, plus the area where you're planning to travel that makes a rail link difficult (as it often does for me as I live best part of 30 miles away from nearest main rail station) then surely just for piece mind its got to be worth speaking to/asking, a friend, relation, or neighbour for their help in providing travel for you, obviously offering to pay for their fuel and food, plus perhaps if you thought it worthwhile even a further offer of paying for a evening meal out for them and their partner would be the way to go, Obviously this would then allow you to travel to and fro the dealership with "your" driver, and if satisfied with what you see, you could then do the deal and get the dealership to deliver said bike to your door,
Result = less worries, less risk, less hassle, then buying "blind"

I realise that doing it this way is going to cost you a few pounds, but that's got to be better than spending a few thousand pounds, and perhaps then ending up being totally disappointed when you actually see your "blind purchase" on your driveway that does not live up to your expectations,

Or alternatively hire a van, and then if all meets with your approval you could do the deal and then bring the bike back home with you, thus saving any delivery charge the dealership my have been asking for, or even if they had have been offering free delivery perhaps you could now negotiate a few pounds off the purchase price of the bike to cover your fuel cost's seeing that you would now be taking said bike with you in your hire van,
Yet again,-- less worry, less risk, less hassle, than buying "blind"

Other's on here who have posted above seemed to have done alright in buying "blind" from dealerships, so that goes to prove it can be done, (obviously even less risk if buying new), but when buying a used item I just wouldn't trust any dealership enough to even buy a used lawnmower from them, without first seeing it,
As previously said ------ A cynical old git :rolleyes:


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I would never buy a bike without having a very good look at it and a decent test ride. Full stop. End of story. OK, I’m almost as cynical as Pete. But then I’m nowhere near as ol.... experienced as he is.:D I dread to think what I’ll be like then.

Suffolk isn’t exactly at the far flung edges of civilisation. Why not do a search based on your postcode (most sites such as Bike Trader, MCN and eBay allow that) to narrow things down? Making a little bit of effort at this stage could save a hell of a lot of grief later on. I’ve just had a quick look on that basis, using a random central but rural IP postcode and there are some very nice looking bikes within 100 miles.
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Thank you all very much for that. Some good points of view there... and in my heart of hearts I know you're right.

I reckon Pete's idea of coercing someone into the role of "designated driver" will probably be what will happen in the end.
I'm on the East Suffolk/Norfolk border, and it's royal PITA to have to go to and then across London first to get anywhere north of Norwich by train!

Still, keeps them furriners at arms length I suppose.

I'll stick a pic up when I've got my new baby home :)

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+1 ...... odds of ending up disappointed have to make it worth the time and effort to go and see the most likely bikes on offer?

The fact one is a Honda dealer would ratchet them up a couple of points in the security/reliability stakes, but we all know that having the H outside on a pole doesn't say anything about the actual used bikes on offer........

Good luck, and hope to see you on your chosen steed early in the year! AA :beer-toast1:


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Well I have bought before seeing twice but made sure I only paid a small deposit (credit card refundable if car wasn't exactly as described) I agreed with dealers that I would pay remaining balance once I had seen the cars and test drove them when they delivered the car. My feeling is if the dealership is confident the bike is as described they should have no problem with this arrangement.



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You could always ask some one you trust, who lives closer to the bikes location, to give it a look over. When I sold my 1200, Oldrat came and had a look at it for Stilletto. Tom then flew over from Dublin to buy it.