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Any more progress rawhide.

I'm just in the process of fixing a leak on the drivers side. It was leaking from the bulkhead seal and servo seal. Both were cracked. It was pooling in the footwell everyone it rained. I've had the lot out and resealed it and it's now bone dry overnight even in heavy rain but I have the tiniest weap when im driving in heavy rain. Just trying to locate the bugger. I've had a hose on it for nearly 2 hours this morning and it's bone dry - typical. My next plan is to get some fine powder from work and cover the area in powder and wait until it leaks and hopefully I'll find the bugger. The leaky bulkhead/servo seals common so check yours. You have to pull the carpet back to check it unless it's got that bad it's coming through the carpet.

I also spotted mine leaking in on the clutch master cylinder seal which isn't common - first one I've seen tbh. Only Vauxhall creates a system that you have to remove the whole steering column to remove the clutch cylinder to replace the seal. Thank god for tigerseal.

Some pics

IMG_20180902_123601.jpg IMG_20180902_124704.jpg IMG_20180902_131058.jpg IMG_20180902_132152.jpg IMG_20180903_071752.jpg
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If all the bolts are out then work around it with a rubber/Hyde mallet until it loosens. When you had it off last time did you use a gasket or did you use sealant. If you used sealant it will need persuasion. I think it has a couple of small pry points. Just be careful not to damage the mating face.

I'm sure you will have it off without too much bother.


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Glad it's off. Its amazing how many people. Iss the 2 hidden ones. That phase disc looks perfect for the job.

I see it's had a new chain kit previously.


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If you look at the sprocket you can see its a fgp. This wasn't fitted as standard so it looks like it's been changed in its life. Mine had a new chain at 50k and has covered a further 50k in the last 18 months and its rattling when I first start it for a few seconds until the oil reaches the tensioner. It doesn't always do it. About 50% of the time but I've got a full kit on the shelf if I need to do it. My sister bought hers brand new in 2001 and had to go in with 17k in the clock as the chain was rattling. Vx made a uprated tensioner to cure the issue.


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You need gasket sealer in a couple of places on the camcover.. I'll post a diagram later. No need for loctite. Just torque the pulley bolt up using a new bolt and it should be fine I'll check tonight but don't think it says to loctite this bolt.


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Here is it. Apply a 2mm bead of sealant to this area before fitting the camcover.

Image1 004.jpg

crankshaft nut is 150 Nm +45 degrees
Make sure you fit a new waterpump gasket and tighten bolts to 8 Nm
camshaft sprocket bolts are 50 Nm+60 degrees

If you need any torque value just let me know and ill post them but I think you have it in hand now.


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Yes defo. As you say, while the engine mounts off its an ideal time to do it. Just make sure you tighten all the bolts up. The garage that did the chain on mine never tightened the 3 long bolts that go into the timing case and 2 months later on the motorway I heard a bang followed my metal on metal noise. When i stopped the engine bolts had worked loose and all 3 snapped off in the casing leaving the engine free to fall out. Luckily it got caught up in the massive engine mount which stopped it falling completely through. It was 2 inches off the floor. Thankfully I managed to tow it home with a ratchet strap holding the engine up and remove the broken bolts and fit new ones. There was zero damage. I was bloody lucky. That mistake by the garage could have killed me and my kids who were in the car at the time

IMG_20171221_155928.jpg IMG_20171221_165229.jpg
Because I've had my tc cover off and the sump together I did eventually end up leaving the engine just hanging. I was surprised it didn't drop much at all.

The water pump gasket looks brass, ive cleaned it up. I think might reuse


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Worse case scenario is it will leak but it's a easy job to change at a later date once it's rebuilt. There was 2 different types of waterpump gasket depending on which pump was fitted. There was the rubber type and metal type.

I have a 1mt bit of box section rested on the slam panel and the scuttle panel with a j hook that's threaded with a nut on. I drilled a hole in the box section and used this on the front drivers side lifting eye. Works a treat.

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Glad you’re getting there RH.

Marks - I’m starting a cheeky Corsa drivers paddling pool thread to pick your brain a little more..... Cheers, AA :beer-toast1::car: