Irish AGRO ????????


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What do you think, is the time right to do something on this side of the pond.?

I know that some of the owners on this site already know each other, but woouldn't it be a good experience, for as many as possible to get together and get to know each other, over a weekend of 'Bikin and Craic'

OK, here goes, nothing writtin in stone, but my suggestion is.

We all meet at a reasonably priced Hotel somewhere in deepest County Cavan, [no more than 40 Mexican Dollars a night B&B] on the Friday night.

Day 1 Saturday

A run out round, what cannot be denied, the best roads in Ireland, [probably somewhere in the region of 250 smiles to the miles] and back again to base camp, for an evening of Craic [commonly known as Bullshit and Lying]

Day 2 Sunday

Cover some of the roads that we didn't manage on the Saturday !!!! before wending our way back home with a big smile, and wondering why we hadn't done this before. [Those like me with no committments, might even be tempted to stay over the Sunday night as well!!!!]

As I have said, nothing written in stone.

What I can say is, this is the best area of real good bikin roads in all of Ireland, and hopefully, it is fairly central for most. [shouldn't be more than a couple of hours travel to base camp]

I'm prepared to do the ground work, and have a couple of Viffer mates who will help with leading groups, if needed.

To get the ball rolling I'm suggesting the weekend after the NW200, I think that's in around the end of May.

What do you think?, have you any suggestions, and would you be up for it?

I think we could leave it as an open invitation to any Viffer owner from anywhere, it's no Highlands outing, but it's dammed close. :d::d::d:

So don't be shy, let me know what you think. :five:
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Would be interested in coming along depending on dates/price. Oh can me Pan come??:}


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Yea fink, was going to ask some what are normal prices, it looks like £40 each way Troon/Cairnryan Larne is the normal or is that the inflated price?


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Yea fink, was going to ask some what are normal prices, it looks like ?40 each way Troon/Cairnryan Larne is the normal or is that the inflated price?
No, I think thats the normal price and unlike the Steam Racket Company P&O or Stenna don't fleece.

Usually ?80 return.


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I might be interested in this too. I have just picked up my new (to me) Crossrunner and am looking for a few outings before heading off to France in August.


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Good, bit of interest in doin something over here involving Irish Owners.

Week after the NW200 is Friday 25th - Sunday 27th.

Would anyone like to do it earlier, say April or May before the NW ???

Does it have to be a Weekend, would it work for the Sunday and Monday of NW weekend.???

In order to get a good deal from a Hotel we might have to try and get dates fairly sharpish, and it would also help for me to provisionally book rooms.

Let me have your thoughts on it as soon as possible, certainly date wise, and any advise or whatever will be wellcome.



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its a long way from sussex....

but i am very interested. Sounds like a great weekend....i could really do with a break, and be nice to meet you guys.........


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I would be on for it but it depends on work at the time.

We've had a couple of meet ups over here over the years. A small contingent including Reg Varney and Speedwobble made it to Letterfrack for a weekend and there were a couple of meetings up in Carrickfergus.
Remember that one Jackie? ;)


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May just pop down the terminal n see if can get a bit of discount or a freebie. :)