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On the CrossTourer, the indicators run at 8-9V and not the normal 12V supply. Each one is driven independently from the relay/module. There is also a separate wire to the dash for each indicator warning light - Br/Y and Br/Bu. Here's the question:-

What voltage does the relay/module send to those indicator warning lights in the dash?​

One might think it would be 9V same as the indicators, but that would mean the dash has to be designed differently for those 2 warning lights as the others are all 12V. Also 12V is readily available at the relay/module, so why not send that.

There's no mention in the Service Manual so the only way to tell is to measure it. Is there anyone who already knows the answer to this, or could someone actually measure the voltage at those wires while the indicator is flashing? Access to the relay/module is much simpler than the back of the dash.

I don't have a bike I can measure myself and I'm getting rather desperate to find out the answer, so if anyone could possibly help it would be very much appreciated.



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Why are you wanting to know?

Normally the dash lights are fed from the indicator feed
The reason I need to know is I'm putting the CrossTourer dash on what was a VFR1200F. Not only is the pin layout in the connector different (same wires, just different location in the connector shell), but the F uses normal 12V everywhere, so 12V to the indicator warning lights.

As I said, on the X each of the 4 indicators is supplied individually from the relay/module and also from the module there's a wire to each dash warning light, which is unusual and means the warning lights could be run at ANY voltage. But realistically, it will be either the normal 12v or the 9v used for the indicators.

My money's on it being 12v, but if I'm wrong the 12v is likely to blow the indicator warning LEDs, just as it would the indicators themselves if fed with 12V. So I really need to know before I connect them.

The big downside of the modern electronic dash is that they are for some reason exorbitantly expensive and just a single circuit board which on the CT is over ?1,000. Hence my desire to avoid trashing the dash. :)


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The ct has the same type of relay as the Vfr 800 by the looks of it where as the vfr12 has a big std one.

So they are wired differently.

Would need to have a look at wiring diagram. For the ct.


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Would need to have a look at wiring diagram. For the ct.
Unfortunately the wiring diagram is no help whatsoever. There are 2 wires from the relay/module to the dash. They are for the indicator warning lights in the dash and show the wire colours, but of course no indication of what voltage they run at.

As I said, because it would be easier to make the dash with all the same warning LEDs, I suspect it's a 12V signal, but also, in the Service Manual, the description of the flasher/indicator system shows a resistor in the dash next to each LED. OK, it's only a schematic, but I doubt they'd show that if the signal from the relay/module was 9V.

Just speculation though. There is only one way to find out. Well, 2 ways, but I doubt I'll get the chance to ask the system designer. So I'm left with having to measure it. But no bike to measure. Hence my plea for help with this.

It looks fairly simple to remove the one side cowl to expose the relay/module. So anyone with a voltmeter could ascertain the voltage in a matter of minutes.

If anyone with a CT wanted a ride to me in Surrey, I'll take the measurements myself, no problem. Coffee provided. :)

BTW, you say the new 800 is similar. Does that use 9V LED indicators?