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Hi how is everyone. I'm Corey live in Brisbane been riding bikes of all types since I was 16 a d have just recently purchased my first Honda being a 1991 VFR750F. Havent ridden it much yet as I have been getting it ready for roadworthy to change rego over. But have found it nice to ride so far. Was also wondering if anyone has a workshop manual for it. Mechanicaly sound but raring and some other things need some TLC and will repair and respray clean and tidy DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0042.JPG

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Hi Corey - nice looking bike, and might see less rain than many on here........(bit Pom-centric you might say.....;))

Excited about heading your way Easter time, tho sadly not Brisbane......and probably 4 wheels rental rather than 2 ......

Cheers AA :beer-toast1:


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Hi Corey, And welcome :beer-toast1:,
Good introduction about yourself and your bike, and that makes a nice change these days :)
Tis surprising of late just how many new-comers to the forum don't even bother to introduce themselves at all, they just come straight on and start asking for advice, Perhaps its just me being old fashioned, and that's the way it is these days, but I still appreciate someone going to the trouble to say Hi and introduce themselves on their first visit :rolleyes:,

So your first post made for pleasant reading for a change, well done :clap:

Your first Honda you say, --- Well you've made a wise choice there, Regular oil changes, keep an eye on the charging system, and don't let the fuel go stale to contaminate the carbs, and I'm sure you'll not regret your choice :),


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Hello Corey and welcome,I used to live in Newcastle,NSW and will be going there this October to see my kids and also hope to go to Philip Island for the MotoGP could do with some of your heat I reckon