Here we go again, 1000 miles 24hrs, C90.


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A very sore legend at that! :d:

Well done Mick, fantastic achievement. I don't know how you do it.


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I put this on the C90 site

Morning folks, boy did I sleep well.

Bit more info on the ride.
The plan to do an 80 mile loop never happened, not even close, I did the M62, M57, M58 bit got on the M6 and stayed on it till the M74 and then some. I couldn't tell you exactly how far I went up the M74 but I defo got to the part where it was only 2 lanes, stayed on that for a while but decided an about turn was needed as I had a couple of people right up me jaxie before they had space to overtake due to cars overtaking them.
The turn around saw me M6, M5, M42, M1 up to Leeds M62 back home for some extra clothing, I put an extra fleece on and stuffed a MCN between layers, then off to Chester on the M56 did a bit of the A55 turned round after the first big hill and headed to Scotland once again.
Got to Shap turned round and headed for home. I arrived a Bolton Motorcycle Workshop, I arrived with 10 min to go and 44 miles to do I was going to call it a day at that but a couple of lads that had turned up to welcome me home persuaded me to carry on for the 1000.
A quick about turn an hour or so later I was back at the workshop, 1015 miles completed.
I've already mentioned the Mappa thing and the Bluetooth, I was gutted that neither worked properly especially the Cardo Scala as the music was much needed, something to sing along to does help when your doing this type of ride.

The bike, did it's job like only a C90 (2001 reg :roll: :lol:) can do, I topped the oil up 3 times in all third time was when I went home for the extra clothing, it didn't really need any at that point but as I was on the last leg I thought better safe than sorry and overfilled it just a little.
I dropped off the spare petrol and the oil and chain lube as a weight saving exercise, which when I think about it is a little daft as I must be weighing in at 18 stone plus with all my biking gear on.
MPG not a clue, I started off filling up every 4 hrs but once I got cold I filled up every time I stopped or every other time as at one point I thing I stopped twice in an hour.
I nearly gave up at around 4 in the morning due to the cold, the only thing that kept me going, being honest, was the fact that I could see that it was beginning to get lighter and with light I knew it would get warmer.

Speed, what can I say, top speed 60.2 MPH :D average moving time of 44.4 MPH, that moving time if FANTASTIC as it means that my little C90 did around 22 hrs out of the 25 at 44.4 MPH that truly is Superb.
I did get some help by way's of the odd tow as a trailer passed by, at one point I was sat at a steady 50MPH for what seemed hours, yes I know you shouldn't tail gate but I needed all the help I could get.
Traffic was not so good as in, not much of it, and the tows were few and far between, I put this down to it being a bank holiday weekend, can't really think of any other reason.

I'll leave it at that, can't think of anything else just now, any questions?


Brilliant! Mick, that Morrisons shopping basket idea would reduce drag compared to your top box.... Might make some difference to top speed?! :)


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Help please

YUSS......1014 miles in 25 hrs 4 min ON A C90......Not many folk can say that and ..... sit to tell the story......LOL............Pain
i am looking at doing this this year for charity, just wondered if you can e mail me your route and give me some tips on what you did

cheers james aka TINKERBELL C90