Haven’t started new job yet and already annoyed

I’m due to start a new job on Monday, 'cards in'
However prior to the induction they say I must do an online asbestos awareness course and they’ve SMS texted me a link to a site.

So do I do the course and pay for it on my smart phone?
It would be easier to do the course on my tablet or PC.
So now I have to copy the link and email it to myself so I can pick it up on something that’s not minuscule.
Are they taking the proverbial, or is there some tec' trick I’m missing?


I’ve contracted through multiple agencies for the last 15 years.
Had this one come onto me from down south with some work, ok.
Now they all pay through outsourced payroll companies that usually charge about £20 a week for processing the payment.
But this one, and I must be registered with over 20 different ones by now, wants details of my qualifications before it will pay me.
The client is satisfied I’m the real thing, the agency is also satisfied I’m up to it and has actually checked all my quals and right to work In the U.K. so wtf has it got to do with what is basically wages department?

LAST WEEK, WITH ANOTHER PARASITE COMPANY: I couldn’t get paid (and no one told me, I only found out when I phoned up on a Friday chasing my money) because my ID hadn’t been verified. 'You’ve had my passport, driving licence, letter from 5he tax office with my ni number on it and a recent utility bill.' I explained.
'You need to write an email to your agent and authorise him to tell us you are who you say you are.'
'But he’s booked the hours and sent the money through???'
'Yea you still need to phone him'

The fact is my agent didn’t know me any better than they did. He’d just be going off the same documents.
But I thought I hadn’t better say that...

The Ex: Has spent 12 months working for a company that’s just liquidated.
They asked everyone to resign and took them on in a new company.
Don’t think so she ses, TUPEE! Same job, same clients, same staff, that’s continuation of employment, that is.

The new company started trading officially on the 5th September and the staff haven’t been paid for the month of August.
Go get it off the government under the redundancy/liquidation scheme they’re told.
Now she’s just found out from a client that they were invoiced for August by the new company.
So they’ve had a good first month, ain’t they?
GDPR is something I’ve osteriched
Talking about pets9nal data. I once registered with one agency under a false name as a contagion test.
From that one company I’ve been contacted by half a dozen others that all think my name is something else.
ie, the false name I registered under.
It seems that if you work in recruitment, the thing to do before you leave is make a copy of, and steal the 'knock list'
Recruitment is highly incestous.

What about the ex’s predicament though. I think that’s terrrible.

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I worked in recruitment for a long time (back office finance, not as a recruiter). As it was often repeated, all you need to start your own recruitment company is a desk, a phone, and a copy of someone else's database.
What gets me is when they ring me up and initially talk about a job and then ask me what I'm doing atm and who's it for and how much etc etc. I pur the phone down on an Essex girl this week. I told her that if she was only on a fishing expedition i hadnt got rhe time of day foe her.

Takes the piss to have them take a margin off you for finding you work when all thet do is steal someone elses. They probably close on price so in effect im maybe helping them drive my own rate down.

Go figure...