France 80KPH speed limit


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I've mentioned on the site that France has changed the speed limit on certain roads, having just returned from France I've found out this applies to most rural roads, but there is little signage to warn you about the speed, there was some new signs but generally we're expected to know where the 80KPH applies.

Okay, so coming out of a village in particular, as most know when you see the village ends sign we used to do 90KPH, now that's 80KPH, you're expected to know this apparently. any rural road that doesn't have a speed sign is now 80KPH.

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Except dual carriageways and the three lane stuff going up/down hills, but at least they are sign posted. I was over there travelling back from the south on the day it changed and it was comical. Some areas just covered up the 90 signs, some altered them with tape, others just took them down completely !