Dont sell that bike!

Some advice from someone feeling foolish!

In a moment of madness and little use due to circumstances, I sold my vfr750j last year.

I am now struggling to find a bike and indeed anything of the era that doesnt need loads of work or money. When the urge takes you, ignore it!!!!

even my search for a stopgap Cb500,cbf 5 or 6 is floundering.

hope my occasional support on exhausts will allow admin to let this one pass


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Like so many others...been there done that. Although my current 800 fi is not in stunning condition, its well looked after and cared for. I won't be letting it go despite the little use.
Good luck in your search


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Still loving my FK.
Sixty nine thousand miles and it still does everything that I could ask of a bike. (and a lot more than I'm capable of handling)

If I bought something better, it wouldn't make any difference to my riding....

Beautiful piece of kit.


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If there is one mistake I have made in life it was selling bikes for money I didn't need
Always keep the bike if you fancy another buy another but never sell your precious bikes.

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Yep 3 VFRs in garage and no desire to sell any.
Only lack of garage space is preventing buying more...... now a nice red FL would be a great addition.......
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I have a 91 750 vfr that is mostly just sitting there doing nothing. I got it as a winter bike but still prefer my K1300s which has 20000 more miles on it than the VFR. I'm in two minds what to do with it. will I miss it if it goes.

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I've found that one of the best places for vintage Jap bikes at reasonable prices is the classifieds in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine, closely followed by Facebook VJMC buy and sell page. FB is better for projects and restorations, CMM for restored or good condition bikes.