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I was listening to that Friday evening. Going to have to put my one and only Steeleye Span CD on next.


LMC Vs U2......:eek: :eek: :dunno: :f daughter downloaded it for me today (The dance version) It's pretty good wound up load!! :} :} :} :}


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Originally posted by Schtum
The Radio 2 Folk Awards 2004 on BBC Four. Steve Earle at Cambridge is on next at 1:15 am.
Got it recorded to watch later, seen Jim Moray a couple of times this last year very refreshing, also seen Eliza Carthy and enjoyed that. Due to see Dick Gaughan in a fortnights time.
Next Friday on BBC4 looks interesting as well:
Cara Dillon and Kate Rusby



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Currently listening to the lead guitarist of a very local (bedroom) rock band.
Who recently was given a Marshall 100Watt valvestate Amplifer for Christmas:h :h

Really rather good for 14 :yo:


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I hope they are looking forward to the open air (garden) gig which is planned soon:}

Boris the Bold

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S Club 7 - The Lost Tracks
Brittany Spears - The Wilderness Years
Cristina Aguillera - The Bootlegs
:} :} :} :}

Only kidding, mellowing to Johnny Cash at the moment.