Corsica & Sardinia Photos June 2018

Corsica & Sardinia Photos

Way back in May/June I toured Corsica & Sardinia on my VFR1200F with MCI. If you enjoy very twisty roads, then you'll enjoy these islands, but don't expect to be hitting three figures because the roads are so twisty you'll be lucky to hit 40MPH ! The VFR was certainly not the best bike but was never outpaced and made a good overall compromise between touring comfort and scratching.

The roads on both islands were so tight and twisty you had to be razor sharp to hit every apex and not get too carried away. A momentary lapse of concentration could result in you paying a very hefty price. Coaches and other vehicles are trying to use the same piece of tarmac you are and motorcycles are actually quite wide when they are banked hard over in a corner! These have to be some of the most physically and mentally demanding roads I have ever ridden anywhere but well worth riding if you ever have the opportunity.


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Great Photo's again Kevin, I can certainly see what you mean about having to be fully switched on when riding those roads, and just what happens to coaches and lorries etc when traveling on that stretch with all the overhanging rock just makes the mind work overtime,
And as for thunder storms, Wow that sure did look like a good one,
Anyway thanks for the report, made for good reading/viewing here on a damp, dark, December morning,
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The islands are a bit out of the way (for a UK rider), but lovely if you've got the time. I've been twice, and your photos evoke some great memories--and some painful ones (having sunburned my feet at one point!)