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Can someone advise me please on chain and sprocket replacement on a VFR 800 W reg.

1) Original equipment or some other make e.g DID?
2) How difficult is it as a job? I'm good with spanner.
3) Any pitfalls?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Just bought a brand new chain and sprockets (DID X ring) from MPS express, it cost ?97, also bought a set of rear disc pads to bring the order to over ?100 hence free delivery.
Ordered 14:00 on Thursday, arrived first thing Friday morning
Top stuff, very recommended.

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DID is fine. OE will be very expensive, and no better quality. Chain and sprocket replacement on a VFR is easier than most bikes because you don't need to remove the rear wheel.

Remove the front sprocket cover. Be careful not to operate the clutch when the cover is off. Lock the rear wheel - have someone press the rear brake - and loosen the bolt holding the front sprocket in place.

Loosen the nuts on the rear sprocket. Adjust the chain so that it is loose.

Split the old chain, I use an angle grinder to grind the pins off a link. Lever the sideplate off, and remove the link.

Remove the bolt from the front sprocket, and pull the front sprocket off. It should be possible to pull the sprocket off with the chain still in place. Replace the front sprocket with the new one. Remove the rear sprocket and replace with the new one also.

Connect the new chain to the old one using the link that you removed earlier, and pull the new chain round the sprockets.

Join the chain using the link supplied in the kit. If you have a rivetting tool, this is easy. If you don't it's possible to use a ball pein hammer to rivet the link if it's a soft link. Use something substantial to support the back of the link or you risk damaging the sprocket or wheel hub. I use a sledgehammer head held against the soft link. If it's a hard rivet you must use a proper tool. You could fit a spring clip, and ride to your dealer and ask them to rivet the link for you. Or you could just leave the spring clip in.

The last time I suggested this, I got flamed by everybody here. I have been riding for over 23 years and I still have never experienced a spring link failing if it has been correctly fitted, but nobody else here will advise you to use a spring link. There are other forums I use where people are happy to use them. Your choice.

Adjust the chain tension, tighten up all the sprocket bolts & nuts and replace the front sprocket cover. Check the operation of the clutch. I always clean the grease off the chain and lubricate it with PJ1 before use, but it's OK to leave the grease on.

Check the chain tension after 500 miles and adjust if necessary.