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50th VFR

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lee j

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Seems very very cheap for a DID chain, in fact too cheap for any DID chain. Heard that M&P were having 'cash flow problems' so they could be shifting very old stock but that price is going to be very questionable on how genuine the DID chain is...??? Personally would go for a Renthal or other 'X' ring type chain.


a right waste of space
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As a comparison to buying Cheapo chains I paid £60 quid for a chain about 3 years ago ( stupid ) . It snapped after 10k miles , and by god I can tell you now , it makes you jump ( not recommended ) . You go from having torque to having zero torque zero drive and huge amounts of useless noise ( that’s if you’re lucky and it doesn’t smash through the backside of the gear box as it comes off . as has already been said ( with helpfull link ) buy a proper chain .
I may fit it as a stop gap as the current chain is seized with rust from sitting- I will surely chainge it before 10K miles given the risk but I'm not a really frequent rider at the moment given my work is 5 mins walk away! Not really in the position to Spend a lot on a chain and keen to get the bike up and running now ive fixed a long time electrical problem. Is the 100 miles comment a reality or an exageration?
Cheapo chain has been ok for nipping around town and a wee bit around the local area so far. May ask father xmas for a proper chain mind you. saintrommel's looks a good buy.