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Hi all,

long time no speak (from me).

I'll be looking for an intercom/radio (whatever they are these days) that will work for two riders, separate bikes. I've heard they do them that will cover up to(**) 0.25 miles apart, can anyone recommend any?

It might also be useful, but not essential, to have handsfree use of the phone too if this is available. Maybe the ability to listen to music too?

Any manufacturers I need to look at or avoid?

Many thanks:)


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Hello :wotcha:

I now have a Sena 10U which is a Bluetooth Headset designed, via a few dedicated kits, to fit into a range of popular helmets. The nice thing about it is that all the gubbins in internal, no unsightly and susceptible to damage 'wart' and/or antenna on the side of the helmet. Previously had a pretty comprehensive Autocom set-up but a change to an MV put paid to that due to lack of under-seat storage (and I though the VTEC was bad...).

Despite his older Shoei not being on the list of models covered my touring buddy looked at mine, fitted to a Shoei GT Air, and bought the same kit for his lid. Used on our tour of the Picos de Europa earlier this summer we were both impressed. Intercom bike-to-bike was good with decent range and reasonable automatic switching between intercom and sat nav. As usual I had my phone connected though my sat nav which works well. Not as good as Autocom but no room on my new bike for that, cheaper too. We'll see how robust it is over time. Kits to fit a range of helmets from Shoei, Schuberth and Arai.

Range was realistically 0.5-0.7 mile line of sight. Get anything in the way and that drops considerably. For a group of two or three riders this is fine. For bigger groups PMR radio is the way to go with the BO antenna kit for even slightly better range and, more importantly IMHO, the ability to be able to put the radio under the seat and not worry about it's orientation. With PMR you're talking of up to about three miles range in ideal conditions but less once in tress or with buildings or lumpy scenery in the way. The BO antenna kit should extend that a little but maybe not as much as you'd hope.

I also bought the Sena SR10 unit to connect to my PMR radio. This gives better range and universal connectivity bike-to-bike with similarly equipped riders. Any PMR radio, once set-up, should be able to talk to another PMR radio no matter what brand. Not the case with Bluetooth comms where, generally speaking the group size is limited to 4 or 5 and you all have to have the same make of intercom. My Sena does have what they call 'Universal Intercom' to work with other brands but frankly this is pretty useless. Quite a few of the guys I ride with use PMR/Autocom set-ups so the SR10 works, and works well, for communicating with them.


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I use a Sena SMH10 and can recommend that. It will do all you need and more. I have to say, though, that I'm mighty impressed by Chas's new setup. At first I was dubious as I thought it would need constant raising of the visor. Then Chas informed that there was a handlebar remote. Nifty. If you went for any option in the Sena range I don't think you'd be disappointed. Good kit. The SMH10 is claimed to work bike to bike over 1km+, given clear space between devices. I can't vouch for that as I only use mine as a single unit, but I know many have reported good range.


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The SMH10 is claimed to work bike to bike over 1km+
PAD, I think this is like the claims for range on PMR radio and isn't real world. Maybe clear line of sight without any other detrimental influences it might manage it. However, with the 10U, certainly good enough for a pair, or even small group, of riders.


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Yup, I don't doubt it. I did say 'claimed'. Of course, you could simply phone one another if bike to bike isn't working. That works across continents... And all handled nicely via the Sena kit, naturally!:)


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Thanks all! I've also been recommended Sena by other mates so will look into those a bit.

Gives me something to look into, to kill time before my New Bike Day :rolleyes:




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Take a look as this by Autocom as well. I don't have personal experience of it, but it looks excellent and their kit is excellent quality. I particularly like the fact that you can have a remote control on the bars rather than feeling for it on your helmet, which could be a distraction when riding (fnar fnar) :p

Also as a club sponsor, I can get you a 15% discount ;)


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Don't think the air system is rated highly compared to others from what I have heard.


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got a sena-smh10 used it lots, sometimes in the worst of weather, never let me down:top:

had it nearly 3 years, was dubious before I purchased, but was sick of wires/cables so I bit the bullet and bought it,
its exceeded my expectations and more,

can honestly say best biking gadget I've bought,