Bagster tank cover.?


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A cuddly toy, a fondue set, heated rollers, carriage clock, a toaster, a food processor, video recorder, his and hers bath robes...
Didn’t he do well!
Oh I forgot to add-- I also have room to ALWAYS carry a spare Reg-Rectifier,------Always handy to have a spare with you, as you never know just when you may need one. :roto2palm::roto2palm::eusa_whistle::eusa_whistle: :couch:,
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I also use tank covers,a great way to protect the tank from rubbing by textile clothing.Also give a better grip on the tank with your knees,although white covers are hard to keep clean.

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Baglux do (did?) a universal harness named Easy. This does not cover the full tank so avoids the worry of scratches, although I never experienced any.
I had full covers on both my VFRs (750FR, 800FiY) and swapped to the Easy and found it excellent.
At the time of fitting I wrote an illustrated report for this site. See it here:-

The Easy is currently fitted to my "Old Faithful" CBX750FE now the VFR is gone.


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Re the post above; it appears to me that the pix in the link no longer click to full size, so here is the last one.

Baglux EASY harness 5.jpg

ADD - The pix do work - I managed to log out before testing the link - D'OH :BangHead::BangHead:
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That's surprising as they do over 4,000 tank covers.
MV Turismo Veloce, tall-rounder touring bike, thought it would make sense if they did but no, they don't. Maybe too niche.

They do for the Multistrada that I now ride but, as said previously, I'm now a convert to the Givi Tankloc system having sold my Bagster kit. Doesn't protect the tank admittedly but far cheaper to change from bike to bike. Not that I plan doing that any time soon.