Any Queen (the band) fans here?


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Saw the film last night and really enjoyed it, recommended.

Who wants to live forever :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Saw them at the O2 back in 14 I think it was, with that Adam Lambert fellow as the front man, & I have to say he was brilliant!, the whole show was excellent.......bloody loud!!.
Worst & most disappointing I've ever seen was U2 in the same arena, dreadful show, and my god don't they love themselves!!:rocket:


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Well saw the film as her choice it was ok.
Made for a night out but cinemas got expensive,place was empty.
Seems there no longer open past 9pm all films only have 1 nightly showing.
I ok to queen music but it's not top of my must listen to music.
Those are the days of my life seems can't shift it.


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Me-n-SWMBO went to see 'Bohemian Rhapsody' last Monday.....

And absolutely loved it.

Son Matt has bought Me-n-his-Ma tickets to a Mark Knopfler concert in Leeds, sometime in May next year. (I think he's after my FK when I keel over.... So much better than his KTM RC8...... (thinks... will Pad take the bait?)


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Went with the Mrs last Saturday evening. I'd seen it at Trafford Centre IMax but thank F**k I took ear plugs with me for that! Great music and brilliant performances too.