Anni bash to Germany mosel area.


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Anni bash in Germany what do you reckon really can't think of any where else i want to go in the UK.
Now it would be in October as September is impossible for me to get off work.
Dates to be weds 2/10/13 - sun 6/10/13 any intrest?

This is a ride that has nothing to do with BO an will be done so you book all your own parts.
train £50
hotel @ 50ish a night but cheaper if you share.
Food is adhock diy unless i find a B&B.
Any interest ?


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Love the sound of that. Early doors yet but put me down as a definite maybe.


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Sounds good to me Alun. Definitely interested, but can't say for definite just yet as I'm considering a return to work.

Do you have any particular area of Germany in mind? Let me know if you want a hand looking at routes/hotels etc. I'm happy to assist.



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I'll be interested and can help with a good hotel in Kyllburg and some different routes to get there and whilst in the Eiffel / Mosel / Luxenberg areas.

Hope I can make it.

Good idea,



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Rhine/Mosel valley:lick:

hotels are my problem.
Have a look at this one:

40 miles from the Mosel
40 miles from the Nurburgring
40 miles from Luxenburg

About 270/280 miles from the Eurotunnel going the direct route.

I've been there several times, it's cheap, clean, very bike friendly, in a good location, it does good brekkies but don't normally do evening meals. But there is a German restaurant next door, an Italian 40 yards away, a supemarket 1/2 mile away, another German hotel 400 yards up the road and a kebab type place also about 400 yards away.

Plus some of the nicest roads I've ridden on the doorstep.


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Lateral Thinking ???


Hi Alun ! I'm just about to get back on two wheels so Germany would be a bit too far for me till I'm up to speed .


However , how about joining me in a B&B in Yorkshire in early October instead ? It would be good to catch up with you ( these Vtecs are so damn fast ! ) .Lol .


Rex .


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Sorry Alun. Had totally forgotten about this. Looks like I'll be working now so will have to back out.