Agro to Arras 10-12 april 2015


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hello ace!
this idea sounds good, i would go. is the room gonna be double and share the price?

i would suggest you some routes by the ride magazine. on this link you can find a lot of route around arras(amiens) and ww1 sites.


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is the room gonna be double and share the price?
Working on book yourself in an if you want to share see if theres someone wanting to share.
I,m taking loz who thinks shes the boss.

Will look at routes in the coming weeks thanks for the link.


a right waste of space
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Thought this was meant to be happening at the end of April Al :dunno:

It's now on the same weekend as another rideout like it was last year , which I've committed to now as I missed it last year because I was in France :}
Pity as I always like the crowd that go on this one

Oh well next year maybe


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Alun you can't have 2 AGRO threads running & both using different dates. :dunno: