Aftermarket panels for older RC24s


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On my newly acquired vfr My panels are pretty good but until I start to look closer not sure what I will find. I feel that I will be the custodian for this bike for the rest of my life and will be keen to keep it going. If the engineering of the engine is what I believe it to be and the fact that my bike has never been off the and has been well looked after and the fact the engine still seems so tight even at 57,00o, then my hope is the biggest issues will be all the things around it. What are parts availability like for these older machines, especially body panels, I am amazed their is not someone that is fabricating replacements, especially in this world of 3d printers. Is there anyone that can reproduce these plastic panels or repair them. Any info to help me keep this bike alive will be greatly appreciated.


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I feel exactly the same as you - there is a large untapped market out there for quality RC24 body panels, but no-one has (to my knowledge) stepped up to the plate. I'd be happy to be wrong on this account. Skidmarx used to produce fibreglass replicas (and may still do), but the quality wasn't all that good. OE quality polycarbonate panels would be the Holy Grail.


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well I'mm planning to start fixing my panels soon.

I did do a quick bit of plastic welding on my belly pan. Made it nice and strong. Stainless mesh and everything....

Fitted it to the side panel and the dzus fastener brackets fell off the side panel. Dohhh!

Looks like I'm working my way up....