30 years of RC30

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For those that like that kind of thing, the new edition of Bike mag (Nov 2018 issue, on sale Sept 26-Oct 23) has a double page spread celebrating the RC30. Not much more than 11 small pics with a brief blurb on each, but worth 2 mins of your time while browsing in WH Smith.


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On the odd occasion that I do buy one or other publication, I am almost always disappointed by whatever article might have lured me. They usually go in the recycling largely unread, so why do anything other than the browse in WH Smith's? Two minutes is about all that's needed.


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I donate all my old magazines to my local tyre supplier. I don't know why but I hate throwing old magazines out.
I'll be on the look out for "Bike"but all my local newsagents only seem to sell "Classic" bike magazines now