1996 RC36 Headlight bulbs info

LED update ......
they produce an intense white light. the most noticeable difference is anything retro-reflective seems brighter. if you're lights are set up properly they'll just pop straight in however it is possible to fit them upside down ( yes I did it ). To be honest I got these because they were a lot cheaper than buying the 150% brighter bulbs from Halfords which was what I was going to get. These were £18 from fleabay. They do make a whirring noise but this is only noticeable if the engine is not running as I can't notice any vibration . The beam pattern can be seen on the fence in strong daylight a lot clearer than the halogen bulbs so they are definitely brighter and produce a recognisable beam pattern. They are water resistant as they've been exposed to the elements since Ive had them no issues yet! I just added cable ties to keep the loom plugs up behind the dash.

in a nutshell - I am happy with them so far they are an improvement on standard bulbs im not ready to recommend them yet as im not 100% sure they will last and other brands may be better.

38D45009-FF4F-4852-BF13-3F276FF54515.JPG IMG_8543.jpg IMG_3259.jpg I have no comparison pictures


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Thanks for the update Cornish :thumbup: ,
It all sounds and looks pretty good so far, I suppose its now down to the old adage of "time will tell :nusenuse:"
But going on your experience so far, plus as you describe the ease of fitting with no extra wiring etc, and the reasonable cost, I'm thinking I just may take the gamble and get some on order soon ;)
Thanks for the heads mate, --- Pete,