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Zumo 390 charging fault fixed

Discussion in 'Gadgets' started by demandcurve, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. demandcurve

    demandcurve Registered User

    My Garmin Zumo is 18 months old. A couple of weeks ago it developed a charging fault in that the charging became intermittant.

    This was no small thing because the Garmin didn't flick between battery & charging mode but instead rebooted itself - every few minutes. After self restart the route had to be reloaded. That was best result, sometimes the Garmin just froze and needed removal and a long Off button push to work at all.

    After reading of similar problems on the 390 & other Garmins with two-pin charge connections I bought & fitted a new in-cradle power cable. Success! Since covered 2k miles and Zumo is working like a charm again.

    Seems the 2-pin bike power cable is a bit fragile so if yours starts going on/off charge don't mess with the unit itself until you tried a new power cable for the bike cradle. Affects the Zumo 3xx range and, apparently, one other model w/ same (2 pin) charge cable.

  2. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    The battery on my Zumo 590 failed a while ago. Garmin confirmed that I need a new ?40 battery... WTF? For the record, it works just fine when plugged into the bike/car, so I haven't bothered to buy a new battery.

  3. edderby

    edderby Registered User

    Had exactly the same issue myself. New lead was about £35. but fixed the problem.
  4. edderby

    edderby Registered User

    Had exactly the same issue myself. New lead was about ?35. but fixed the problem.
  5. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I had a problem with one of the contacts on one of my cradle cables a while back. One of the sprung pins was stuck down and not making contact. On inspection, the surrounding 'collar', for want of a better word, was slightly damaged (I don't know how). A bit of fettling and a dab of WD40 had it up and running again. Any idea what the problem was with your cables demandcurve & edderby?
  6. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    They're called "pogo pins", a 40-year old technology. :)

  7. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Pogo pins, eh! You live and learn! 40 years old... Invented by punks, perhaps?
  8. edderby

    edderby Registered User

    Not sure what was wrong with mine, but it suffered from an overnight deluge when parked outside in Switzerland. Since then it kept stopping charging about every 10 minutes and I had to keep wiggling the sat nav unit to get the charging going again whilst riding along - not the safest option...
  9. Revvin Kevin

    Revvin Kevin Registered User

    Just clean the two contacts on the rear of the satnav periodically.

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