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Where do I find pannier stays 'Mutazu'?

Discussion in 'General Accessories' started by Billy boy, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Billy boy

    Billy boy Registered User

    Finally managed to find a pair of original honda Mutazu 35l side boxes on gumtree but now can't find the stays ANYWHERE... can anyone direct me to someone stocking them/selling 2nd hand please?
  2. lee j

    lee j Registered User

    Are they bike specific mountings that are required? (as most manufacturers make them bike model specific). Stating what bike you need them to fit would be helpful for any recommending where to look.
  3. Billy boy

    Billy boy Registered User

    2004 vfr 800 vtec
  4. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    I'd never heard of Mutazu, but it appears to be a pattern plastic parts manufacturer (likely China-based production). They make panniers, headlights, fenders, windscreens, etc. If that's the case, the mounting brackets you would need would be the OEM ones, not Mutazu ones.

  5. lee j

    lee j Registered User

    Mutazu is a USA company based in CA and are listed on the web as Mutazu.com selling direct and also via ebay. Key in 'mutazu motorcycle accessories' in the google search and several places are shown. Also states that for the 'saddlebags' (American speech) that Mutazu supply their own mounting brackets. Might be worth checking or enquiring before buying any other make/suppliers.

  6. JZH

    JZH VFR Club Bodger

    I see that they do say their VFR800 panniers come with mounting brackets (well, one bracket--they are sold per side), which may mean that they use a different mounting system than the OEM bags, but they do seem to be making pattern parts, not their own design. Their ST1300 saddlebag description says:

    "Direct replacement for Honda ST 1300 hard bag
    Complete hard saddlebag with factory matched color
    Aftermarket same design as the Hondaline OEM hard bag,
    Made of Molded ABS Plastic, match or exceed the OEM quality"

    If I had to guess, I'd guess that their VFR800 mounting system is the same as OEM, but I don't...Billy boy does! (Best to confirm with the manufacturer, then.)


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