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Waterproof neck covering

Discussion in 'General Accessories' started by fabio222, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. fabio222

    fabio222 Registered User

    We all know most motorbike jackets leave our necks uncovered so rain can potentially, get in and drip down inside your jacket. Do any of you know of a waterproof neck warmer and sits outside of the jacket so the rain can't drip down inside? Thanks!
  2. Grim Reaper Dodger

    Grim Reaper Dodger Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I have a Harlvarssons windproof/waterproof one, which I wear inside my jacket, no leaking, no cold air, very good purchase.
    £14.00 on Amazon. I believe Kartman got one after my recommendation, but wore it outside, so leaked, if I remember correctly. wear it inside your collar & good to go :)
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  3. fatshoutybloke

    fatshoutybloke Ex Flying-Banana Pilot Club Sponsor

    I have a fleece-lined neoprene neck tube I bought on eBay, does the job. I used to have an old Frank Thomas jacket with a zip-away hood in the collar so when it rained you just unfolded it, put it on your head and put your helmet over it. Brilliant idea and I'm surprised no-one makes one like that now.

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