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VFR collection

Discussion in 'Owner's Bikes and Pictures.' started by saintrommel, Nov 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM.

  1. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    My cheapo VFR collection currently £4500 just added an Annie on account dealers are marking them up
    seen them at £3650 so thought I better nab one £2100 new tyres stainless pipes ,givi,heated grips ect and mint cond
    not quite as nice to ride as the 750 s IMHO ,vibes left peg and whinney geardrive but what is as good as a 750 :)
    notice the early 750 looks the biggest or is it a trick of the light ?


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  2. 50th VFR

    50th VFR Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Next addition one of the RS Performance 50th Anniversary 800Fi's .........................

    [Cheaper and rarer than an RC30]

  3. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    I sold moonies v tech to a chum plotting to get it back to add to the menage

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