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Sad news

Discussion in 'Fallen Friends' started by saintrommel, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    My buddy Harry 70 and his wife 72 traveling along the A59 near Clithero on the pan collided with a car coming out of a junction driven by a 92 year old lady.
    Very experienced motorcyclist has a pan and VFR cross tourer goes to Spain ect .
    Pam has a broken collarbone and punctured lung and Harry is unconscious
    Absolutely rotten news .
  2. Bumpkin

    Bumpkin Formerly VFRChas Club Sponsor

    Sorry to hear about your friend saintrommel, let's hope that Harry regains conciousness and they both make a full recovery.

    92 years old! Sweeping generalisation but surely it can't be safe for someone to be driving at that age.
  3. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Rotten news indeed, saintrommel.:(

    I can but echo Chas's words and wish them both a full and speedy recovery.

    It's understandable that, given the age of the woman who pulled out in front of them, we feel inclined to say it's too old, etc, but what about the perfectly good older drivers? And what about the incredibly poor ones of all ages below that?

    I do think that mandatory testing or assessment of older drivers would be fair enough. Perhaps in place of the occasional self certification that passes as reasonable at present? And I'm not averse to the notion of periodic testing of all road users. Certainly, I would support a move toward mandatory re-testing/assessment/education of at fault road users who commit serious offences and/or cause serious injury or damage.
  4. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    I think it,s a national speed limit dual carriageway 60 limit

    With some unmarked very dodgy field entry points from car boots and

    The like ,must say 92 year old lady driver might have been thinking at 30 mph

    And not 60 just surmising .

    I know it,s very tricky to pull out and cross four lanes and a central reservation

    To get to the other side.

    My sympathies to all involved
  5. Pete/48

    Pete/48 Registered User

    Must be hard news for you to take in Saintrommel, Here's wishing all concerned especially Harry all the very best, and hope they both make a full and speedy recovery,

    Let's not get too carried away with apportioning blame, as in this, and so many other cases there is always many factors that perhaps we don't immediately know about that must be taken into account,

    But I do think that some sort of supervised driving test should be taken by ALL DRIVERS (not just oldies), perhaps every 5 years or so,

    Also I think more emphasis should be attached to indiscriminate roadside driver's eyesight test's, these should be carried out in much the same way as they do for cars being pulled into lay-buys etc for car road worthiness/tyre checks etc,

    Interesting question here,---
    When was the last time a Mr Plod checked your eyesight, and are you positive that you would pass if Mr Plod were to stop and test you the next time you were out :)
  6. danjacks

    danjacks Registered User

    Echo sentiments above. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.
  7. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Thoughts are with you and those close to those involved.
    Wish you r froends a full and speedy recovery.
  8. k5 dave

    k5 dave Registered User

    Very sad news indeed, I hope your friends have a speedy recovery.
  9. Revvin Kevin

    Revvin Kevin Registered User

    There should be compulsory testing for everyone every 5 -10 yrs and full medical over 60 yrs to include eyesight, mobility and reaction time testing IMO.

    Personally I wouldn't expect to be driving, (or riding) past 70 although my opinion may change in time? I certainly would not expect to be safe on the roads beyond 80 yrs old.

    Hope all concerned make a full recovery.
  10. BigHarv

    BigHarv Marching On Together Club Sponsor

    Here's wishing Harry & Pam a speedy and full recovery
  11. rockie

    rockie Registered User

    It's news all us bikers dread hearing.I hope your friends have a full recovery.all our prayers are with them.
  12. leathertramp

    leathertramp Registered User

    Hmmm, never like to hear this. I'm sorry for your friends Saintrommel and hope that they make a quick recovery. At these ages I'm not sure how well you bounce back from something like this.
    I am also sorry for the lady who pulled out on them. Surely not something that she meant to do and resulted in a serious accident and presumably equally wracked with guilt and worry herself. It's all a very sad situation.

    I echo the feelings regarding test and health. I've wanted to see a compulsive retest every 10yrs from pass and full medical at 65 for many years now. If nothing else then a compulsory eye test. I don't know A59 but I'd bet a pound to a penny this was something that could've been avoided...
  13. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    After being unconscious for almost three weeks Harry is now conscious

    And is able to speak a little his wife Pat has made a good recovery.

    Be careful out there guys !
  14. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Thats encouraging news, fingers crossed
  15. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I've been keeping an eye on this thread in the hope of hearing some positive news - that's great to hear and I continue to wish both a full and speedy recovery.
  16. Pete/48

    Pete/48 Registered User

    That's good news to hear, hopefully they will both continue in the same way,
  17. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    Harry has been out of hospital a few weeks now and is continuing his
    Rehabilitation, his speech is a little slurry and he isn't,t Very with it at the moment.
    I don,t think he will be able to ride and drive again so we are trying to
    Sell his vehicles, diesel golf 2.0 ,crosstourer and pan .
    Not a brilliant result but l suppose it could have been worse,
    Take care out there chaps ...
  18. Stiletto

    Stiletto Deviated Prevert Club Sponsor

    It could have been a lot worse and I hope your friends have a lot more years ahead of them.
    Pop their bikes in the for sale section here to help them along.
  19. rockie

    rockie Registered User

    Been following thread too.glad to here he is on the mend.sad to here he won't ride again.hope he gets a good price for his vehicles.
  20. mickvfr800fiw

    mickvfr800fiw a right waste of space Club Sponsor

    That's positive news saintrommel . Good news would have been if it had never happened in the first place .

    I wish them both a full recovery

    Have gone past half a dozen bike crashes in the past fortnight , it's sickening but sadly not surprising considering what some bikers think is acceptable and or consider to be classed as safe riding ... It's totally depressing

    Not making any conclusions about your friends circumstance btw which sound quite unfortunate by all accounts

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