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Plug N Play Accessory Harness

Discussion in 'General Accessories' started by fink, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    It should but would need to check and see what connectors are on the MT07.
  2. Toyotaroadster

    Toyotaroadster Registered User

    Vfr1200 accessorie plug

    Are these still available ? I need to run a sat nav and I phone
  3. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Yes they are but I'm afraid I don't make one for the vfr 1200
  4. Megatronousprim

    Megatronousprim Registered User


    So which one is the Harness? I just see wires and connectors and your gadgets.
  5. MickU

    MickU Registered User

    Money sent

    Good evening Murray

    Sent money via Paypal for a pre 2000 harness.


    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  6. fink

    fink living up to the name Club Sponsor

    Cheers. Am away on holiday for a bit. So will post it out when get back
  7. MickU

    MickU Registered User

    Thanks Murray.



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