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Picos de Europa

Discussion in 'Biking Abroad' started by westonrich, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. westonrich

    westonrich Registered User

    Time for planning again, 2017 early September and ferry from Plymouth to Santander and back which gives us 10 days in Spain. Currently considering whether to spend 9 nights at Hotel del Oso ( which sounds amazing ) and tour Picos de Europa ( on wheels and on foot ) or split the trip with a second base ? If so, where ? Suggestions for accommodation ?
  2. Bumpkin

    Bumpkin Formerly VFRChas Club Sponsor

    Must have ripped past that place on the way to Fuente De a few weeks back. Looks nice. Our trip was a notch down on the cost front and we moved on most days. Covered quite a bit to the West of the Picos as well, great roads in the main though some regions seem to have spent their EU money on other things.

    One place that we stayed that impressed me was Hostal La Cuna del Sella in Oseja de Sajambre. Quiet little village; bar, restaurant and shop. The Hostel isn't a hostel in the sense that we might expect. Maybe not suited to your needs but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as a base for a day or two of nice biking (we were there for two nights) and then evenings with the locals drinking and eating.

    Some pictures from our trip are on my Instagram feed. A memorable trip for all the right reasons.

    Have a great trip and enjoy planning.
  3. drumwrecker

    drumwrecker Registered User

  4. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    Snap, stayed at the Hotel Infantado (good name for a song :)) 3 years ago. Naked swimming in the pool isn't allowed and the owners daughters were well fit.


    Some of my mates liked it so much they have been back 3 times.
  5. westonrich

    westonrich Registered User

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated.

    Just booked the ferry, being tight I've been searching for discount codes. Found discount offered by Saga whom we have a car insured with, followed the Saga link and sure enough discount was applied at the stage just after selecting seats/accommodation. At no time did it request our insurance policy number so it appears to work for anyone ! Pays for a couple of tanks of fuel :)

  6. Desperado

    Desperado Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Stayed at the Hotel del Oso with the Bikers Oracle Tour a few years ago.
    It is a lovely Hotel with very helpful staff.
    A big thumbs up from me.

  7. Revvin Kevin

    Revvin Kevin Registered User

    Another :top: for Hotel Del Oso :)
  8. _Rob_

    _Rob_ Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Top man :) worked for me, Poole to Cherbourg and back going in a week's time, and I don't have Saga insurance at all ... saved ?11 just by just clicking your link :k:

    Rob :)
  9. mickr7280

    mickr7280 Registered User

    Hotel del Oso

    I've stayed at the hotel Del Oso 3 times and it's one of the best hotels I've stayed in. Ideal for touring the Picos.
    We'll be staying there next Sept. 2017.
  10. 50th VFR

    50th VFR Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Staying there this September.
    Booked it because on an organised trip a few years ago we had stayed in nearby hotel and it looked amazing.
    Internet reviews very good.
    Will update thread after stay.
  11. westonrich

    westonrich Registered User

    Reviews so good that we decided to spend the entire trip based at Hotel del Oso - We're also into hiking so plenty to see and do. Ferry and hotel booked for September 2017 - Can't wait :)

    Thanks for all the replies, very much appreciated !
  12. mickr7280

    mickr7280 Registered User

    We'll be there from 4/5 sept. 2017 for 6 or 7 nights, so we might see you there.
  13. westonrich

    westonrich Registered User

    We check in on Monday 11th so may indeed :)
  14. 50th VFR

    50th VFR Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Hotel del Oso lived up to reputation.

    Large very clean rooms. Nice sitting areas.

    Restaurant food quality superb but portions too big - as big on fixed menu as on a la carte many couples sharing one starter and one main course.

    Will be back.
    Revvin Kevin likes this.
  15. mickr7280

    mickr7280 Registered User

    Off to the Picos next week
  16. Mark Shelley

    Mark Shelley Registered User

    We stayed at Hotel del Oso for our first night last year. It was excellent, but staying in one place means you are always going over the same ground when going out for the day. After that we stayed primarily in the many Casa Rurale properties in the area. They were all extremely characterful and rarely more than £80 a room. Theynare usually in small hamlets and it is lovely going for a walk in new scenery evry day when you step off the bike. I did always pick up a few tinnies during theday mind, as they don't have bars etc as a rule. We will be doing similar in the Pyrennes in a week or so.

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