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Discussion in 'Owner's Bikes and Pictures.' started by Muppet, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. BigHarv

    BigHarv Marching On Together Club Sponsor

    bloody hell, sat thinking those two RC30s above look stunning so had a look how much they cost to buy on internet.
    Need to re-mortgage my house to get one lol so will stick with my vfr1200.
    Enjoy FTM & Weevee, major jealous.:beer-toast1:
  2. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    I'm Sunderland born and bred Weevee but lived darn sarf for almost 40 years. Never lost the accent or love of The Lads. If you're ever down Portsmouth way for a ferry or owt get in contact because I have a spare room at mine.
    Almost forgot, your RC30 looks a minter.
  3. FTM

    FTM Registered User

    Just to pick your brain Weevee, I'm going to change all the fluids but looking at the fairing lowers they look impossible to get off without using front and rear stands and removing the front wheel. Would that be correct? If so I need new stands :eusa_doh:
  4. weevee

    weevee Registered User

    Cheers FTM. I've just stepped off the ferry, in fact! (..not at Portsmouth, I might add. I've just returned from the Classic TT, on the IOM).

    Yes, my RC's a clean machine (..as is yours, by the looks of it). I've owned it since 2006 and used it regularly, and it's run like clockwork the whole time. I've had no issues with it whatsoever.

    As to removing the lower fairing: It will come off quite easily with the bike on its sidestand. I generally just place a mat or blanket beneath the bike, loosen the dzus fasteners/bolts and two self-tapping screws that hold it on, and then from the right-hand-side (offside) of the bike, I lower it towards the ground and then 'rotate' it clear. To refit, just reverse the procedure. It's a ten minute job.

    ps. Remember when changing fluids to 'overfill' the engine oil a little. A tad over the high mark on the dipstick is recommended. (..and then check the level after every decent run!)
  5. FTM

    FTM Registered User

  6. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    image.jpeg Here's my latest ride
  7. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Looks lovely Moons
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  8. moonster

    moonster Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

  9. burridge01

    burridge01 Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Nice bike fella:clap:
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  10. Superfour2

    Superfour2 Registered User

    Hi all I'm from Warwickshire and have owned my Vtec for 6 months. Rode 750's back in the day, and couldn't say no when I saw this bike.

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