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Mosfet Regulators.

Discussion in 'Tricks & Tips' started by Duncs748, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Duncs748

    Duncs748 Active Member Club Sponsor

    I just bought a Mosfet Regulator from Electrex World £120 for my 2001 Fi1 . This one bypasses the wiring loom and goes straight to the battery . I fitted on the 9th of August and have done about 2000 miles as a courier since . I've had the headlight on all the time and it has never failed to start even with the fan going . It comes with a thick piece of aluminium heat sink which looks like good quality . They also have 3 different lengths of cable if you want to relocate the regulator in a cooler place .
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  2. Duncs748

    Duncs748 Active Member Club Sponsor

  3. Duncs748

    Duncs748 Active Member Club Sponsor

  4. Duncs748

    Duncs748 Active Member Club Sponsor

    I bought this to see if it is a long term solution to regulator failure and those of us who don't have the wiring skills to go the cheaper route of sourcing parts from other bikes can choose this option. I keep you informed while I courier this bike with 1000 miles a week.
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  5. Egg on Leggs

    Egg on Leggs Registered User

    I have converted to Mosfet on my VTEC along with modified wring back to the batter. I also cut the plugs off the generator and regulator wires and soldered them together.
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  6. mangocrazy

    mangocrazy Registered User

    Interesting to see how it survives long-term. I wasn't a big fan of their shunt type reg/recs. I had one that failed shortly outside the warranty period on my RC24 (which was a replacement for the OE one that failed). They gave me a modest discount on a replacement, but I only really felt comfortable once I'd replaced it with a Shindengen MOSFET jobbie.
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  7. Duncs748

    Duncs748 Active Member Club Sponsor

    Done over a month and 5000 miles and no problems so far . Running with headlights on all the time and has never failed to start .
  8. Newfish

    Newfish Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I'll be keeping an eye on this one too. Just fitted one to my 99 fix.
  9. saintrommel

    saintrommel saintrommel Club Sponsor

    Does anyone have a link to the correct one there seems to be a few available ,cheers
  10. Ted.S

    Ted.S Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    I have just listed one in the For Sale section with 'tails' etc.
  11. marks152

    marks152 Registered User

    I fitted a R1 Mosfet to mine and its covered a further 80k with this fitted and no issues. Infact the original stator lasted 115,000 miles before burning out.
  12. Ted.S

    Ted.S Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    In my experience any of the FH ( that's the critical bit ) 009, 010, 012, 020 will work equally well and as important 'fit'......but a couple of gremlins....one is that some of the Yamaha R1 Mosfets have extra tall 'fins' and will not fit in the space the old Shindengen ones come out of on a VFR and there is a MOSFET look-a-like that is fitted to some Kawasaki's and uses the Furukawa waterproof 'plugs' which isn't a 'proper' MOSFET reg and is as prone - or moreso - to burning out than the 'shunt' style SH / Shindengen ones. There are a lot of the Kawasaki ones out there which look like a bargain but aren't.

    My experience and that of many others from research done is that FH / Mosfet Reg Recs are so reliable that there is little point buying 'new' at a premium and that used units from Yamaha's, Triumphs, BMW's, Ducati's, all of whom have been fitting them as stock for some years and are now hitting the market from 'Breakers' are a reliable and economical way to go. There used to be dozens on Ebay USA for 'no' money but the £ - $ rate and posting costs has skewed that a bit. Mosfets of the above type from "anything" will do the job, not just bikes as long as they are the right number. Snowplough ones work just as well.

    The Furukawa plugs are one of the critical improvements due to the seals.

    Eastern Beaver ( American chap in Japan ) is excellent for supplying pre-made idiot proof 'tail' kits to fit a used Mosfet.
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  13. artee

    artee Dr Frankenviff Club Sponsor

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