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Discussion in 'HAFB Nominations' started by PAD, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Thanks to Mark for taking the trouble to contact Motad to resolve doubts over whether or not their systems need to be installed using copper gaskets in the exhaust ports. It might seem a relatively small act in relation to some, but it could save a fair bit of damage and inconvenience to any number of people - members of this forum and beyond. It's also a damn good example of what a great forum this is and what great people 'inhabit' it.

  2. Beast

    Beast Founder Member Club Sponsor

    Gets my vote as well. :beer:
  3. oldrat

    oldrat Well-Known Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Agreed over here.

    And thanks to Ian Mc for his input despite being retired from Motad

  4. PAD

    PAD Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

  5. marks152

    marks152 Registered User

    I only did it to clear up any confusion that motad customer services created because I knew they were wrong. At least it's stopped someone fitting the pipes without the gaskets only to have to redo it all over again after finding it blowing like a Amsterdam hooker.
  6. advancing age

    advancing age Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    ROFL I think they used to say .......I've never met that hooker, but the simile will keep me going for a day or two......:d::d: AA:beer:
  7. Beast

    Beast Founder Member Club Sponsor

    Yes again thanks to Mark who has just sorted my OpCom after a he has just done a days work. :beer-toast1:

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