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Discussion in 'Online Gaming' started by maddogg, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. maddogg

    maddogg Registered User

    Who's looking forward to this new version?.
    the video's on YouTube look quite promising with daylight being a welcome change and some newer weapons like a cricket bat! or mabye a wee bit of fireaxe thrown in..........
    some of the mappers have done well with their campaigns Back to School and Leftaboard are good fun.
    going to fire up my box upstairs :- Windows 7 64 biit/4gb Corsair Dominator/EVGA 260 SSC/XFX Alpha Dog 8800 gt/AMD 720 BE/ 24" Samsung tv/monitor/..............great fun!.
    see you online ,moniker is the same as here.........(Maddog)

  2. DazSavage

    DazSavage Banned Users


    I know this is an olde poste but since L4D 1&2 are among my favourite games ever and since I'm a gaming YouTuber I thought I would respond.
    left 4 Dead (created by the same people who brought you Half-Life) is a team-based zombie shooter with a difference. The game can be played entirely solo but you are accompanied by computer controlled characters which will assist you in various ways such as healing you, protecting you, drawing your attention to objects of interest - but most of all they will rescue you from the 'special' zombies who will pin (and kill) you unless you are aided by a team-mate.
    This almost unique feature is what makes the game so damned good because rather than have team members who know it all and sod off on their own to grab all the loot and points you are actively encouraged to stick together as each level is comprehensively spattered with these uber-zombies... soloists will soon find out that forging ahead alone is suicide!

    With great graphics and split-screen options (actually usable with today's huuuge screen TV's) this is a great game for plating with mates on the sofa and can even be the central point of an evening in with mates.
    Many has been the night where a friend (who doesn't even play these games) has popped over, agreed to play a round or two and ended up going to work the next day after a night of sleepless zombie knackering!

    One of the few games to tick all the boxes for me - even the AI is pleasantly serviceable... even if they do try to shoot zombies through your back every now and then.

  3. Mate, most of us on here haven't played a game since Space Invaders:}
  4. DazSavage

    DazSavage Banned Users

    Then you must get out more my friend... you don't know what you're missing!

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